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ON Semiconductor is a former Fortune 500 semiconductors supplier company, dropping into the Fortune 1000 in 2020. Products include power and signal management, logic, discrete, and custom devices for automotive, communications, computing, consumer, industrial, LED lighting, medical, military/aerospace and power applications. ON Semiconductor runs a network of manufacturing facilities, sales offices and design centres in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, ON Semiconductor has revenues of $3.907 billion (2016), which puts it among the worldwide top 20 semiconductor sales leaders.

An angry former employee said “Need reorganization when they let people go they treated people like animal's. Nowhere to sit people were using each other's backs to sign their release papers. There was no class of leadership at all".


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Current Employee - Fabrication Specialist says

"No opportunity for raises or advancement Hostile work environment; HR and management do nothing to protect employees from abuse"

Former Employee - Manufacturing Operator says

"Starting pay is cheap, annual raise, if there's any, is even cheaper."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Terrible benefits, they were free but you get what you pay for. Management at every level was out of touch with reality. Compensation was very low."

Former Employee - Intern says

"The company would make verbal commitments they couldn't follow through on. Despite a decent salary, the benefits were severely lacking. Casually racist, sexist, or homophobic comments/jokes, although infrequent, go unchecked."

Current Employee - Facilities Technician says

"Management is out of touch with their employees, raise structure is a joke, lack of accountability for lazy employees, and lack for a comprehensive health and safety program."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"24x7 responsibility with ZERO direct control structure."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Morale just kept getting worse and worse. They never did anything to attempt to improve it when business was slow. Just kept taking away benefits and rewards. Then when business picked up, they never reinstated any of those systems. They cater to the the day shift employees, especially the M-F people and don’t take care of the people who keep things running - the operators. It’s very sad, because I was also there when morale was high and people actually took pride in their work. Turnover rate is a lot higher and their hiring standards have had to change because they can’t get people to stay. They don’t offer anything to stand out from the crowd as a company. Horrible medical benefits, unfair review/“performance” increases that aren’t based on performance at all. Carpooling program was cut back on the incentives as well. Too many cuts and not many benefits at all. Sad to see so many veterans walking out the door. Once they even implemented a “bonus” program but when they realized that they were going to have a large payout due to the manufacturing going above and beyond, they revised the program mid point and reduced the payout immensely. Extremely disappointing!"

Former Employee - Program Manager says

"I was involved in an accident and went on medical leave. They hired two H1B visas to take my place. When I came back, I was laid off."

Former Employee - Product Line Manager says

"The culture is very aggressive. The company is unstable as it believes in firing people for any silly reason. Only favoritism can get you ahead or keep your job."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The company does not enforce its ethics policies in regards to treatment of employees. Expect a lot more than they are willing to compensate for. Determined to transfer all jobs possible from US to off shore even if it costs more."

Fab Operator (Current Employee) says

"Poor pay for the expertise they require. No opportunity for promotion. Favoritism is prevalent. Concerns from employees are disregarded by both management and human resources."

Custodian (Former Employee) says

"they were not flexible at all you had to work the schedule that they gave you and I left everyday feeling drained of life my wife often refereed as a zombie."

Operations (Former Employee) says

"Bad management, lots of bs, coworkers are nice and sometimes mean. Overall a good job to pass the time and better opportunities, dont stay here, give up.CoworkersManagement"

MT (Former Employee) says

"no standards for behavior. I work with a bunch people with anger issues, who are complete socialpaths. Litterally stalked my house for three months after I quit. had to move to another state becuase they would not leave me alone. I have social anxity. Apparently that's offensive. So there's a group of cliquey. A holes. Who follow me around screaming out insults for twelves hours. Got told to go home and kill myself. Reported to management and the supervisor just told me to stop being such a cry baby. Got seven people to follow me around screaming out insults all night. I finally quit. And they stalked my residences for three months. They are a bunch of narrasaic socialpaths. It's a Second junior high school. A lot of them use it as an opportunity to prove what dirt bags they are. Complained to hr. They won't fire anyone. It's a joke. You will wake up every morning wanting to blow your head off just to get out of being in the same building as a lot of those peopleBenifits use to be goodI'm working at a call center job now and it's heaven compheard to dealing with those socialpaths."

Manufacturing Technician (Current Employee) says

"The company doesn't treat their employee decently. The managers have their favorites and thus are treated better or mistakes are overlooked. No positive incentives or rewards for doing a great job.good people to work withlong hours, nit-picky managers"

N/A (Current Employee) says

"Corporate culture is non existence, a revolving door of managers and engineers. The higher turn-over rate I personally have experience in the high tech industryAll the of the listed"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Need reorganization when they let people go they treated people like animal's. No where to sit people were using each other's backs to sign their release papers. There was no class of leadership at all."

Product Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Very poor growth.. knowledge is very minimal or almost none. As engineer you will be like just an operator. You are a soldier sent to war without any gun or bullet. Full of politics in management. I dont recommend it for any Engineer looking for knowledge. All your academics in school will never been used."

Manufacturing Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Stressful as superior still contact you, ask for work stuffs from you on your sick days. Boss doesn't care about your wellbeing, work is the priority.Cashless canteenManagement Culture"

Clean Room Technician (Current Employee) says

"It is like being in a soap opera at this place. Drama between employees no commadary at all. Know body knows what's going on yet knows everything. Terrible pay busting your butt 12 hours a night4 day work weeksPay management loss of sleep hard readjustment"

Manufacturing Technician (Former Employee) says

"Management would take talk and rumors as truth without ever investigating the statements. They would pit people against one another to try to instill DISTRUST among team members. Some of the worst interpersonal management I have ever seen.Three and half days on and three and a half days off was nice.Horrid, awful, evil managers."

IT Systems Engineer (Current Employee) says

"If you're not having drinks with the managers regularly, you're not going to advance. Also, company doesn't invest in any new technologies so your technical skills will get stale working at this place.Slow-PacedPay, hostile work environment, and no new technology."

maintenance Crew (Former Employee) says

"In my working at a On Semiconductors company is very challenging but fun because they acquire a lot of working assignments both in long term and short term bases. I have practiced a lot of my accounting skills more on Advance accounting because of project billing and ventures.Free lunchlong hours"

CMP Equipment Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Be prepared to be judged by ever-changing qualitative goals and expectations. If you are looking for a place where you are judged by results, this ain't it.Larger comapnysee above"

Fab operator (Current Employee) says

"Like most people say there is no room for advancement. The raises are a joke and they use a outdated bell curve system. They just announced to us this week that we have to take a mandatory 40 hours off for production and 80 for office workers. Management is a joke has no real clue as to what’s going on or really how to manage at all. I’m sure more layoffs are coming."

Process Technician (Former Employee) says

"Company did not have a direction after business spin-off. No production timelines presented. Business moral seems low from managers to production. No commitments provided from upper managment"

Fab operator (Current Employee) says

"The company prides itself about being ethical. My experience is far from that, management talks about career advancement, but the only advancement is for friends and operators from the photolithography team. Management is biased and expect the few hard workers to pick up the slack. Turn over is high due to a lack of management/HR conflict resolution and the work place has a hostile tone. Problem starters are protected because of their tenure leading to problems being ignored. The constant turn over and layoffs harm employee moral.ScheduleBad management, lazy HR, workplace attitude, turnover rate"

Fab Operator (Former Employee) says

"Not a bad place to work however management were idiots. Refusal to work with employees with disabilities. Advancement based on annual reviews only. Reviews based on perception by management only not actual stats managers hardly in work area to judge work performance. They hired managers from outside the fab who had no knowledge of the operators job and no knowledge of how equipment works. One manager told me I was stupid during a meeting with my peers."

Principal Industrial Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Political Environment: Only game in town, cocky attitude, company growth by acquisition not by improvement to customer requirements, very poor forecasting capability, too far away from customer with very long lead times."

Assambly Test Operator (Current Employee) says

"Culture of bullying, pressure and little reward both by peers at specific work areas. Manager of production brings in any kind of prospect without taking into consideration background or education just to fill in positions. Bullying trickles down from manager to technicians. Culture of gossip among employees and/or supervisors. Very stressful environment to work in plus the stress of performing the job."

Helen J. says

"THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!!! I sent in one book "Writing Logically Thinking Critically 8th Edition" in Good Condition that was valued at $24 from them but I didn't get anything back!!! I checked the Status of the order and it said it was rejected!! A REFUND AT LEAST WOULD SUFFICE! Never will do business with them again!!!!"

Sarah Jones says

"I sold two books to Bookbyte two weeks ago and have not heard anything back. I shipped them in different boxes as instructed. I also sold to Bookstores.com and shipped it the same time as the Bookbyte books. I found it fishy when bookstores.com sent me several emails concerning the status of my order but I have not received a single email from Bookbyte. Bookstores.com said I would receive my check in the mail within 5-10 business days of when they received it but I got it in 3. I still have not heard from Bookbye about the TWO books I sent them and have not received any money from them. A scam. I should have settled to make $2 less and sold all of my books to bookstores.com."

Ann L says

"THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM !!!! They received my textbook and it has been FIVE days and I have not gotten my $. They steal people's books for FREE and sell them on their website while the seller gets NOTHING. Also how does it make sense to recycle or donate our books if rejected ??? We should get those books BACK."

hekenfrlkxm says

"Bookbyte chose to steal my book and not pay for it, I will definitely never use them again. They stated that I put the wrong ISBN when there was an error on their website that used the wrong one instead and now refuse to send my book back so I can sell it to someone else. Horrible service. UPDATE: they contacted me back and said they could give me 25% of my original quote as a first time courtesy since it was my first order. If you choose to use them make sure to read their policies because I would still have preferred to have gotten my book back and sell it to someone else for more money than $27. I still think it's a little ridiculous they just get to keep your book and give you nothing for it. Had this not been my first order I would be getting nothing and they get to keep my book for free. I will not be using them again sadly."

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